No Meridian flip notification

Hello all,
Had my NEQ6 pro hooked up to SGP tonight in the living room & tracking an object close to the meridian I picked from Stellarium so I could watch the flip happen with my mount. Had all the options selected in the monitoring config against ‘Email 1’ and confirmed as working with the send test email option. Centering and focusing etc was disabled as I was not out under the stars. In the meridian flip setup I had ‘Pause before Meridian flip’ selected in the hope I’d also get an email notification that the mount needs to flip. Im using the beta

On running, I had my other email notifications but none came when SG put up the box for the flip which requires me to click OK.

I had ‘Alerts - the sequence will not continue until you do something’ selected in the notifications, does anyone know why SGP didn’t tell me the flip was waiting ???

Im attaching the log if it is useful

sg_logfile_20151020202816.txt (174.0 KB)


Just a bug. It has been corrected. Thx for the report.

Nice one, at least it was not me going mad


Hello to All,

May I ask if the NEQ6 is capable to perform meridian flips prior or after the meridian as SGP does not allow any field entry other than zero. I get the message that my mount is not able to do this.

Is there any settings I need to set on EQMOD for a successful flip?


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Just to let the Dev’s know, Bug confirmed as solved in

Cheers Guy’s