North America Nebula in Narrow Band NGC 7000 - HSO Pallette


This is my version of the North America Nebula - NGC 7000 in narrow band. I chose not to use the hubble pallette, but instead mapped the colors to Ha (red) SII (green) and OIII (blue) for the HSO pallette.

The image was taken with a Baader modified Canon T1i on a C925 EdgeHD hyperstar at f2.3. The total exposure time is 19 hr 10 min distributed in this way:

Ha: 8 hr 00 min (48 x 10 min) at ISO 1600
SII: 5 hr 50 min (35 x 10 min) at ISO 1600
OIII: 5 hr 20 min (32 x 10 min) at ISO 1600

It was captured with Sequence Generator Pro and processed entirely with Pixinsight.

Thanks for looking!

Best regards,

Bogotá, Colombia


That’s beautiful. Nice job!

Thank you Mads!

Alfredo, that is very nice! How are you mounting your filters? Are you using a filter wheel or are these filters mounted and you screw them into a fitting and switch them out manually?


Thank you Phillip!

I don’t use a filter wheel for two reasons. First, I use a DSLR which although is modified, has no monochrome sensor. And in the other hand, there’s no space for that when using hyperstar. Thus, I have to change filters manually.

It is not a big problem, since the filter change is easy. Just unscrew the filter to be change de and screw the new one in the hyperstar camera adapter. It implies taking of the camera from the hyperstar, but no issues at all.


Thanks Alfredo, I expected this was the case. Looking at using the Astronomik clip in filters as I have the CLS version and like it.


Those will work very good too Phillip. Looking forward to see your results