Not the Rosette

No, not the Rosette, rather the much smaller and dimmer Sharpless 2-170. Sometimes called the “Little Rosette”.

TOA-130 and FSQ 106
Paramount ME
Astrodon 3nm S2/O3/Ha plus RGB

3 hours RGB (brighter stars only), 70.5 hours total S2/O3/Ha.

PixInsight/Photoshop CC 2014


Mr CCDMan,

I really like the image, is there a way to see it with better resolution?

This kind of objects are really hard to image and not well documented, thanks a lot for taking the time to image them and to share them.

The colores a are spot on!




I typically don’t post the full size as few monitors can display them plus they fit the format of my webpage gallery better if I keep them downsized. I did post this temporarily (see below). Also note that the image has been cropped by about 50% since there was not much to look at in the rest of the FOV so that also makes it “smaller”.

Temp Full

The colors, of course, are not real color as this is entirely a narrowband image except for the brighter stars which came from the RGB image (the nebula is barely visible at all on that image). I just liked the way it looked with that false color scheme.

Thanks a lot!