Object Reference Not set to an Instance of an Object

I keep getting this message when I create a new sequence profile. It started after I did the last upgrade. It’s driving me nuts. My older profiles seem to work but news ones don’t.

I’m also experiencing this error message when I try to open an old sequence.

Any thoughts?


Are we talking about the beta here? Can you provide the sequence you’re trying to open?

Version is what I’m using. I’m kind of mystified by it all. I cannot seem to find any rhyme or reason as to why it’s doing this after 7 years. Never had a problem. I think I might have posted this question in the wrong category.

The category is fine. If you can share the sequence, I’ll take a look.

I’m trying to upload a log file but it won’t let me. Is there some other way to do this?

You can use the Issue reporting tool in the help menu, but Im actually looking for the sequence file which can be attached here.

Oh okay. I hope this is it. Here are 2

2022 RUNNING MAN NEBULA.sgf (62.7 KB)


Let me tell you something that’s going on. I created Running man a few days ago. I click on it to open and I get that message. I reboot sgp and when it comes up that sequence is the one that opens up. Same thing with the other two I sent you. When SGP is open if I try to open one of them the message comes up, but if I reboot the last one I clicked on comes up and works. That’s nutty.


This issue is resolved in SGPro 4.1 Beta. It’s pretty stable now and will be released soon.

Okay great. I’ll just keep rebooting until it comes out. At least I have a work around. Thanks Ken