Observing Conditions interface

Can someone give me a hint how to get the Observing Conditions interface working?
I have a valid API Key from the Openweathermap Site.


Hi Winwimp,

Are you ready ? Here we go:

  1. In the sequencer where your equipment resides, open the dropdown which will show you all the other available devices and in the ‘environment’, select the one which says: ‘OpenWeatherMap’

  2. Click it’s spanner icon and you’ll get a dialog box open up - On the ‘Get API Key’ tab you’ll see an entry box for your Key, place it here. In the API URL box I have the following:


Cant remember how the API URL gets there but try it if something doesn’t seem right. With the API key in place change to the ‘Select Site’ tab. Now you have 2 choices:

a. With the little checkbox selected to the right of Town name, Write the name of your Town or City into the box provided and click the ‘Check’ button.

b. Change the little checkbox to the one to the right of Site Lat & Long and put in your info, for ref I have
51° 33’ and -01° 47’ here and then hit the ‘Check’ button.

Using option b. I have my town come up and a few surrounding villages. Select the option you want in the resulting list and click ‘OK’

Now connect the equipment and in the environment module it will soon populate the info for you.

Not really sure how accurate the info is which is displayed but that’s for you to decide…

I use the Blue Astro Stick Station so I use a mix of open weather map and my stick. The stick gives me pretty accurate way to get pressure, temp, dew point etc at my scope rather than what openweather map can offer.

Once your set up with OpenWeatherMap, instead of using this as the option in ‘Environment’ you can opt for ‘ASCOM Observing Conditions Hub’ instead. Here you get a dialog box which allows you to select any equipment you have available in you environment dropdown for each individual option you see in the environment module.

I choose my Stick station for Temp, Pressure, Dew Point and Humidity and choose OpenWeatherMap Conditions for all the rest.

Works great !

Hope that helps you out


Hello Paul,

thanks a lot, now it works again,
Somehow the initial URL in the box got lost
and every attempt with the help of the setup tips
from the OWM site went wrong.
I also lurked at the BlueAstro stick but even more at the
Hub wich unfortunately will never go to production state.
I fiddled around with TemperHum but that darn thing
is far off being reliable (China scrap).

a happy new year with lots of clear nights



Your more than welcome, it’s not very often I get the chance to help someone out.

I have 2 TemperHum’s, the other one doesn’t do humidity thought, both a pile of cr*p.

My Stickstation is 100% reliable for ‘MY’ needs and work flawlessly with SGP so I’m
happy with that.

Happy new year to you too Sir