Odd dithering behavior - preventing imaging

can’t figure this one out… it started after the meridian flip, SGP doesn’t think that the guide star ever settles, and it just keeps throwing dithering commands. I’ve reset everything, tried new sequences, turned equipment on and off, pushed the settling tolerance to gigantic amounts… nothing.

I attached a snapshot of my headache… any thoughts?

i just saw that is already out, and a couple comments on meridian flips. I’ll try that in a couple days with the weather clears again (assuming my problem is a common one)

Can you please post your logs from both SGP and PHD?

Please see this post: How to ask for help

SGPnotifications-2016-09-13-4.txt (23.9 KB)
PHD2_GuideLog_2016-09-13_231913.txt (59.8 KB)

forgive me if this was the wrong way to post them, this is the first time ive looked at logs

should be self explainatory, the phd log shows the settling failure at the very end of the file. if there is anything else yall need let me know!