Offline framing wizard support?

Internet connectivity can be spotty or non-existent. Sometimes other things come up preventing previously planned shots, too - so we have to just try and make the best of those situations.

What would be the requirements for low resolution shot planning (preview) without internet?

Is this something that is possible/reasonable or in the works?

@jasonnewton In these cases, SGPro will require that you have a general knowledge of areas you might be interested in capturing prior to going off-line. What you can do is download a bunch of working canvases using MFW. SGPro will cache these and you can select and load them again when offline.

that sounds like a YMMV mitigation (and not a bad capability to have at that) but how bad is it to visualize some coarse representation of the object in question - say for faster previews in addition to supporting cases where no cached visit is available. It’s been the case more than once that I find something else of interest in stellerium in the field and go pointing that way.

Has the problem been thought about in terms of data on disk needs?

Towards pre-cached as a mitigation - is there any scripting I can do to populate the cache (inside or outside SGP)? Like via python for a longer list of targets and a predefined fov ?