OK, I guess this is April 1st

This is, of course, at the core of our software. We have decided to simplify user input with respect to “events”. Instead of being forced to select entries from form elements, you will now be able to type events “free-hand” in more of a move toward a scripting-style entry system. In the image below, you can see 3 events. They basically hold the same information as before, you will just need to type them out now. The “dashes” at the end will signify event progress. This will also save on memory (form elements can eat more RAM that you might suspect)…

On May 1, 2015, MSS will alter the End User License Agreement (EULA) to indicate that any image taken wholly or in part by Sequence Generator Pro is the property of Main Sequence Software.

Very nice. You appear to be joining the trends today:

April Fools

I do hope this is just because this is April 1st and not actually true. :smile:

Turning SGP into Metro-ACP would not be a joke at all!

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Yup, I fell for it good and proper.


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I almost made a reply about SGPro’s announcement about that but I decided to wait to see what others had to say. You got me on that one.

Really good April’s fool!!!

Thanks for making my day (Dirty Harry style), I needed that. :smile:


Yes, it had me panicking for a moment as well!

Of course the secret to a good April fool’s prank is that it has to be just barely plausible, and this
seemed to hit the mark.

OTOH, who would believe any coder would actually prefer metro? :grin:

I’d forgotten that being as I’m on UK time

I am still wiping up the tea from when I spluttered when I had got as far as the EULA change.

Good one! :grin:


That was the click point…

I would love to see what the Supreme Court has to say about SGPro’s new EULA. :open_mouth:

Great one guys! It’s been a while since I laughed this hard :smile:


Dangit…every year! I’m so gullible.

Yes, this is of course a poor attempt at April Fools humor. My apologies if you do not observe it where you live (and this makes no sense at all). Just to wrap it up… lest we find angry posts on other forums, absolutely none of the items on the list are true (or possibly even legal).

2.4.1. beta coming soon…

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Hello, u got me fully rofl…
so waiting for 2.4.1 happy easter to u all

did you see the Software Bisque one, a joint venture with NASA that developed a telescope to photograph stars in the daytime and through cloud?

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OHHHHHH!!! yes please,
I would invest all my daughter’s inheritance in it, that is, if I hadn’t already invested it in other astro kit