Old sequences with latest version

Sorry if this has already been asked (think it has but I cant find it).
Ive invested a fair bit of time with the framing and mosaic wizard so when version 2.4 finally goes “live” will I be able to use my current list of sequences created with the older version?

The answer is you “should” be able to because we have not refactored sequences. That said, if you were inclined to post a couple I can tell you for sure.

Thanks Ken.
Whats the best way to post them?? Just upload one in a reply here or do I need to dropbox?


Your sequence files might be small enough to attach to the thread. If not, it will complain. Dropbox is fine too.


Hi Ken
Sorry for the delay in responding been away for a few days.

Here is the dropbox link to one of my sequences.

My sequences work from the previous version to the new version.


As expected, there does not seem to be any issue with 2.3 sequence files. That said, I think there are several reasons why 2.2 sequences would break in 2.4.


That’s good to know Ken thanks.
Look forward to the formal release of 2.4!