Only sequences of 'darks' or 'bias' will run

Well I managed to waste another clear night fighting with SGP …

I’ve got my entire workflow:

initial focus
plate solve to align mount
image quality focusing w/mask & ‘Frame & focus’ tool
connect PHD2 & start auto guiding
GOTO w/CuC to target, refine framing

all working but when I hit ‘run sequence’ nothing happens …

2 things to note:

  1. If I change the sub selection to either ‘darks’ or ‘bias’ it works perfectly & collects images all day long

  2. But when ‘light’ is selected that’s when nothing happens. In the center of the ‘sequence’ page where is has ‘target data’ listed, when I start the sequence the ‘running:’ label never changes to indicate the current target, it just continually shows: ‘none’.

Someone please tell me what settings I have wrong before I do something drastic like go back to a Nikon D5300 & BYN … :frowning:

You are providing very little to help you. Some screen shots of your sequence might or perhaps a copy of your sequence or a log file.

Logs and a sequence file will be a good start. Please see here:

An initial guess is one of the following is happening:

  • You have a target start time set that is in the future and SGP is waiting
  • SGP is attempting to connect to or control some piece of equipment or autoguider and it’s not successful (telescope isn’t slewing, etc)


Over on the CN thread on the same topic it has been pointed out that the sequence doesn’t actually contain a defined target (RA and DEC coordinates are both 0) and it is also failing to connect to PHD2 (PHD2 has already been manually started outside of SGP and guiding enabled, but it is not clear whether it is actually configured properly in SGP)

@Nimitz - if you read through and follow the basic instructions for getting your configuration and a sequence set up, you will be able to get it running: