Option to let PHD hunt for star?

The last few times I’ve had a failure, it was due to temporarily losing the guide star. My old acquisition software used to ignore the PHD status and just keep imaging. At worst, I’d have a bunch of bad frames, but sometimes it would find the star shortly after losing it and I’d only have one bad frame.

SGP seems to abort the acquisition routine if PHD doesn’t have a star. Would there be a way to let SGP and PHD keep running hoping for the best? I think that would’ve saved me a few nights of lost data. It’s suslally a matter of some clouds coming in at the wrong time. But the clouds may disappear.


Your best bet is to enable recovery:


Awesome! Thanks for the info. It always turns out that SGP already does what I want it to.

Keep in mind however Adam that if you have an equatorial mount and the 90min recovery interval includes a meridian flip, you risk a pier crash unless your mount or driver has built-in tracking limits.

It would very nice the have that 90 minute timeframe be user configurable.