Orion Parsec 10100C ou 8300

I have an old Orion Parsec 8300C
My SGP not close the camera shutter for darks.
You known how to solve or works for you?

We’ll need logs to take a look. SGP and ASCOM logs will be helpful. Please open SGP, take a couple of lights and a couple of darks and send us those logs. More info about getting logs can be found here:


Thanks !
The link for log is:
The camera shutter not close for darks frames (event 2)

The dark frames start at [09-27-19 01:10:23.872][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] SetFlatBox: Frame Type is Dark.

I suspect that Jared will also need an ASCOM log from the camera to check what command is being sent to the camera. The StartExposure command has duration and light properties.
If the camera driver does not provide logs ASCOM has logging in the DeviceInterface, this can be enabled in the menu options of the ASCOM chooser or, I think, the ASCOM diagnostics. The logs are in Documents\ASCOM\Logs

Thank you Chris!
I will see this…
PS: In Maxim DL the shutter works fine.