Partially Cloudy and SGP

Hi all,

Does SGP Pro offer a pause imaging feature instead of shutting down the sequence when SkyAlert reports partially cloudy?


Can you handle it via the sequence recovery options?

I use PHD2 as my poor man’s cloud detector - when it looses the guide star due to clouds / fog, SGP goes into recovery mode and I have it retry several times over an hour to try recover (which it often does).

SGPro will run whatever you have defined as “end of sequence” when conditions are unsafe. This is presumed, by SGPro to be the minimum protective state. In the future, if there is a demand for it, it would be possible to provide a separate set of actions for unsafe.

Ken, I would appreciate actions to maintain imaging whilst skipping through sporadic cloudy conditions, which seems to be the norm, here in the UK.


That would indeed be a very useful feature for SGP: create a set of actions for unsafe next to the current set of actions for end of sequence. Likely actions could then be the following:
Unsafe: Close Roof, Park Scope
End of Sequence: Close Roof, Park Scope, Warm Camera, DIsconnect All Equipment

This would only work if a an overall Sequence End Time has been set (e.g. Dawn) otherwize SGP would never know when to run End of Sequence actions in case an Unsafe signal due to clouds would last until daytime.

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I, too, would appreciate having a separate set of actions for unsafe, as outlined in Ventania’s post. This feature would be very helpful for those of us in remote observatories where the roof may open and close several times during the night based on changing conditions.

Patrick Spencer

Ok, seems like there is a decent amount of support for something like this. As such, I have “bumped” its priority.

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