Password reset


I have requested to reset my login password but I have not received a reply email to allow me to change it ?
I have waited for almost 10 hours but had no response.
Thank you.
Keith J.

Hi Keith,

It is entirely possible with today being Sunday that the Admin that would handle password resets might not be diligently watching for support emails. I guess please be patient and once the weekend is over I am sure they will reply.


I’m wondering if anyone will ever give a response to this message?
I’m trying to recover my log in details so I can upgrade from SG2 to SGP 3.
I need SGP operating on my newly purchased mini PC which I intend to take to a star camp in the near future - unless I get SGP operating on the mini PC it would be pointless going to the star camp, I hope that as anyone who is reading this are astro imagers they understand how important I get this sorted A.S.A.P.
To reiterate - I cannot download it unless I can log in - & I cannot log in as I need to rest my password.
I would be VERY grateful if someone/anyone would be able to assist so I can get this resolved.

For password issues please contact us directly at

Thank you,