Pause Causes End of Sequence

I use the “Pre-Event Options Pause Sequence” feature with a message to enable me to find a guide star in my ONAG. When I click OK, SGP pops up the message window saying the sequence has ended. What am I doing wrong?

Are you using a safety device? Is it unsafe?

If “no” then I’ll need logs to investigate.


Hi Jared,
I do not have a safety device. In the log, the Pause in question is at 06/12/18 23:02:44.882][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Handling monitoring event (Email 1, Alert): (2018-06-11) Event pause triggered. Find Guide Star

The Dropbox link is:

I hope this works. I did not have a Dropbox and the process for trying to create and use it was very arduous, at least for me. Hopefully, I can use it again, if need be, with less difficulty. If it doesn’t work, then I will have to try to find some other way to provide the file.

Thank you for your help.