PC for SGP

Hi folks:

Question regarding SGP and PC specs:

Does SGP benefit from multicore CPUs? Does single threaded performance matter over multi-threaded? i’m trying to speed up focusing and solving processes within SGP so I would appreciate any hardware guidance.

Thanks, Roger M


SGP for sure benefits from multicore processing along with other apps you are likely using at the same time like PHD, etc… I would look for at least 4+ cores operating over 3ghz, even better 8 cores. Also, make use of SSD drives. That will help speed up fetching data from the star catalogs, saving images, etc… Basically, get the most cores/fastest CPU your budget allows. Never can go wrong with that advice. I am looking at redoing my observatory computer after a decade of use and will do the same.

Hope that helps.


To be honest, you don’t need a lot. My observatory computer has a Core i5 with 2 cores (4 threads) running at 1.6GHz and has 16GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD.

I run SGP along with PHD, my mount control app, a Pegasus Powerbox control app, a web server, Lunatico Astro’s GNS and LLOD apps, and my CloudWatcher monitoring app. All of that runs fine while remoting in and screen sharing from a computer at my house. And sometimes I run a web browser and a word processor at the same time. Never had a problem with the computer keeping up.