Pegasus Power Box

I have just installed the latest version of SGP and it has picked up my Pegasus Power Box and now it bleeps incessantly telling me it has lost power to it. How do I get rid of this!!! I dont need SGP to control my power box.

You’ll need to install the latest switch drivers for the pegasus

But I dont want to let SGP control it. It says it is connected to the simulator??? I am quite happy with how my Pegasus power box works, I dont need to update anything. I need to get rid of it in SGP!!!

When I check my Pegasus software it says it is up to date.

I have reloaded the Pegasus software and it still bleeps, and bleeps, and bleeps???

I have tried the new Pegasus Utility Platform and it still bleeps, and bleeps and bleeps. Version 4 does not work at all because it is trying to connect to my Power Box, even though I didn’t ask it to!

Well, we don’t have any Pegasus equipment to do testing with. All of the advice I give is based on issues other users have had (this issue you report has been reported many times). Somewhere Pegasus has released an ASCOM driver that does not produce a prompt about connections. Where that is, I am not certain. Alternatively, you can use SGPro 4.1 beta which changes how we interact with switches and does not automatically try to connect with available switches.