Phd2 and Sgpro

I have the trial version of SGpro.
everything connects fine ( scope , camera , phd2 ).
When i start a sequence , the telescope is slewing to its target and plate solving starts.
Then phd finds a guiding star and starts guiding , but the imaging doesn’t start at all.
Instead sgpro is waiting until phd guides ( although it is) and then i get a timeout and the sequence stops.
This is repetitive .

can anyone help me ?

thx ,


Hi Kurt,
Please see this thread and we’ll
be able to help you better. What versions of SGP and PHD2 are you using?
My guess is that you have not configured your PHD mount settle time
properly. SGP might be waiting for PHD to finish settling and because the
parameters are too restrictive PHD never fully settles and SGP times out.

If you go to Control Panel/Auto Guide tab, what are the “Settling Options”?

But again a log file as described in the linked thread above will be most

Hello ,

thx for the reply ,

i use phd version 2.6.1 and sgpro version

The link to the log file : klik here .

thx ,


PHD2 is not responding to the attempts to connect by SGP. Are you sure you have the server enabled in PHD2?


Tim ,
Yes it is.


Looking at your SGP log it seems that either 1 of 2 things is happening:

  1. The PHD2 server is not running (but it sounds like it is)
  2. There is no firewall exception for the PHD2 server.

For #2 you may need to create a firewall rule.


This evening i wil do a test - run and send the log- file .

still same problem;
see log file :

Help would be appreciated.