PHD2 configuration

So a question about PHd2 and configuration. I have a ZWO 533 camera for my imaging and a ZWO 120mm camera connected to my guide scope. The PHD2 configuration only allows me to specify a camera brand so I have ZWO camera selected and then when you manually connect you choose which ZWO camera you want - so 120mm. In SGP it indicates the named PHD2 config - which is of course ambiguous as to which ZWO camera to use - so my question is - if SGP starts up the PHD2 process how does it know what ZWO camera to use? I am not sure PHD2 is always using the right camera (guide scope camera versus the imaging camera that SGP is using for the sequence). When I start PHD2 manually and select the camera does SGP just connect to the manually started PHD2 process hence guaranteeing PHD2 is on the correct camera.

I’m not certain I understand your question. Are you aware that under PHD2 you can have multiple, named, profiles, and that when you select a ZWO camera under a given profile, that camera will be selected when that profile is selected. I use a couple of different PHD2 profiles depending upon which guide scope I’m using, and the SGP Equipment Profile Manager lets me specify the named PHD2 config to use.

Does that help, at all? Or have I misunderstood your question?

Thanks - that is my confusion - PHD2 says ‘ZWO camera’ but which one?? so are you saying that when I am given the option of the 533 or the 120 camera and I choose 120 it somehow remembers that? I did not know that - the named config under PHD2 and subsequently SGP just say zwo does not indicate which one I chose manually.

Yes, it appears to be remembered. Whether it’s ASCOM, ZWO, or PHD2 that’s doing the remembering, I can’t say for sure.

It seems to me, (based on some troubles I had earlier), that if you fiddle around with which USB port which camera is connected to, that can create some confusion for the driver and/or the configuration, but assuming you hold that constant, you should be okay.

Okay - Thanks Very Much!!