PHD2 Connection

I’m new with SGP and have yet to get off the ground. Under profiles, none are offered. I’ve created a profile in equipment profile manager. Firewall settings are checked for PHD2. Each time I run a sequence, I get “ could not start auto guide and connect to equipment, aborting”. Port is set @ 4400 on settings.

I’m running SGP on an Eagle 4, if that’s relevant.

Additional info, image camera is a ZWO 2600 color and guide camera is the ZWO 120 mini. I have the guide USB’d to the image camera but I’m unsure where I tell SGP to connect to the guide camera?

Where are you running SGPro, on the Eagle or remotely on a controller PC ?? as SGPro should be running on the Eagle, so that it can connect to all the devices…

SGP is running on the Eagle. I’ve downloaded all the ASCOM drivers required as well.

So I also take it you’ve installed the latest PHD2 ( on the Eagle, and if you run PHD2 directly, you can connect to the mount and guide camera and the ‘server’ is running ?

I haven’t attempted that. Tonight, weather pending, I can give that a try.

Now that you mention that, I’m not sure if I have the newest version on the Eagle. I assume it is but not sitting in front of it, I can’t say for sure. I’ll check that as well this eve.