PHD2 freezes after autofocus routine


I’m experiencing PHD2 hanging / freezing after the autofocus routine.

Start a sequence; it goes well until the moment in which PHD2 pauses during the autofocus procedure. After the AF routine has gone well, PHD2 stops working; or… better: it starts guiding over for a little while but then it freezes and stuck and won’t keep guiding over again. All the graphs stop their drawings. The AR and DEC graphs won’t move on and the red cross on the target graph won’t change it’s position. But the strange thing is that the software is still alive during this facts. Infact if i push the stop icon, put the green box on a guiding star, and push the green icon for start guiding again it does start guiding over! Result: 1. goodbye automation 2. lack in autoguide = frame lost.
I use PHD2 2.6.1.; I’ve reinstalled it but nothing changed.
Settling options: if I use them or not there is no difference. I tried many parameter combination in this, but it doesn’t make any difference. It stops/freezes after a little while after the AF routine.
Probably there’s something I’m not considering… but what?
Thank you for any help.

Thank you for your answer but it didn’t help me to solve my problem. I searched for others experiencing quite the same problem before opening my thread but I can’t solve mine reading other’s threads.

I now add to my first message that PHD2 freezes not only after the SGP autofocus routine but if it manages out to carry on and go over the AF routine (I don’t understand how and why sometimes it does it, some others it doesn’t), it also freezes after the first image taken. I remark that PHD2 does not stuck, it is still “alive” during this happening. It stops drawing graphs, but if I push on the stop icon choose another star for guiding and start guiding again it goes on guiding until the next picture has taken.
Now I uninstalled PHD2 and re-install it back. I have to wait for another good sky to test if something changes… but I think it would not only after this simple operation… Thank you for your time and help.

Hi Franceso

What you need to do if you need help is post your log files from sgp from the session you had problems. Go into help in sgp and you’ll find the logs there.

Don’t put the whole file in your post - use something like Dropbox to share a link to the log.

Your phd log files would also help here…

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Ok thank you. I’ll repeat some tests tonight and if get the same problem
I’llpost the logs. I’ll give it another chance. I think it’s a settling
problem. Communication problems between SGP and PHD2. I’ll try to raise the
pixel number necessary to avoid settling at all. I’ll try this and if I’ll
fail again I 'll post all the necessary logs. Thank you.

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