PHD2 Mount Connection

Using PHD2 with SSAG to guide using ASCOM, however, I am not able to connect my mount (ZEQ25) both in PHD2 AND in SGP at the same time. Anyone using this same equipment and able to make it work? Would appreciate help on configuring the connections.

Thank you.


I can’t remember if that ASCOM driver accepts multiple connections. Have you made sure it is the latest? If it is, you will need to use the POTH Hub.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that the iOptron ASCOM driver for this scope does not accept multiple connections. Supposedly they are working on an updated one…when???

I guess I will have to decide whether I plate solve or guide, since don’t seem to be able to do both with this driver.

Thanks for your input, Ken.

I think it’s an Ioptron problem. I’d contact their tech support and use POTH.

There is an option under the ASCOM dropdown called POTH Hub that will allow you to connect multiple programs to your mount. In both SGPro and {HD you will choose the POTH hub option and in the POTH Hub, you will select your actual mount. This way only one process is connecting to the mount.

Don’t know if it will work for you, but I had a similar problem with my ioptron smarteq pro. What I did was connect my guider to the mount using st-4 and select “on camera” as the mount in PHD. Then you can connect SGP to the ASCOM driver and run that through a serial connection in the handset. It seems to work, I’ve been doing it successfully since early fall. I’m pretty sure the ZEQ25 and my mount use the same ASCOM driver, and I can’t imagine the mount firmware is all that different.

This works well. Thank you for your help

I had been using the st-4 mode for my guiding, but wanted to change to ASCOM. Ken’s POTH suggestion works fine. Thank you for your help.