PHD2 stability improvement after SGP dither

I had an issue where about 1 in about every 15 sub exposures would not guide well and oscillate a few arc seconds (RA or DEC). I was using PHD2 and dithering / pausing between exposures. It only occurred immediately after the dither and would continue for the full sub exposure. The next exposure, or a stop/start would fix the issue immediately. (Paramount MX, SGP, Pulseguide or ST4, any guiding algorithm)

I posted my issue and log files in the PHD2 forum and the development team compared what occured after a stop/start with pause and dithering. They did a brilliant job and introduced the same reset into the guiding variables after a dither. I have been evaluating a trial version which has performed consistently for 50 subs. The code should be making it into the next PHD2 release and make the PHD2/SGP combination even better.


Thanks for posting that.

If anyone else wants to try it, the changes Buzz is referring to are available in PHD2 v2.4.0rc1 (PHD2 2.4.0 release candidate build).