PHD2 stops guiding thread

For other PMX users. I have started up a thread on the SB forum. It does not involve SGP as far as we can tell or non-Paramount mounts. Ken and Jared, thanks for taking a look at this.

At the end of the day, two users have had the same problem, somewhere between TSX and PHD2 when using the same hardware, directguide and ‘slew stops guiding’ option enabled in PHD2.

I also have to make a point. My electronic and software designs are used by hundreds of thousands of customers. I don’t expect users to understand their detailed workings or castigate them for an incorrect diagnosis.

Many SGP users, myself included, don’t know how ASCOM works in detail and can only report what we see. This is after all a hobby and a complex one at that. One allure of Astrophotography is the collaboration between users and developers. Unfortunately ASCOM and its drivers, as the bit in the middle, are always going to be a scapegoat in the minds of many. It is the nature of the beast and remains the challenge for it and its developers.

Thanks, Buzz. I will go over to the SB forum and have a look.

I agree on the other points as well. I too can only report what I see when things do not go as expected.

As far as the specific thread that was here yesterday, I think it was quite proper that it was removed for several reasons. I will leave it to the SB forum to determine what exactly the problem is since I really have no idea at this point. In any case, it is not an SGP issue so should not be here.

I would also once again like thank Ken and Jared and also Andy and Bruce at PhD for looking at this. They have been great at nailing down bugs, most recently finding a bug (not related to this issue) that had been present in PhD since version one and was causing crashes with SBIG self-guide cameras. Thanks, guys!