PHD2 - unknown object - for Information


You probably already know this…

I was having issues with the system taking ages to ‘settle’, and often would fail\abort at the ‘waiting for autoguider’.

PHD2 itself was showing ‘guiding’ ok, so I went digging through the logs to find out what was amiss, and found multiple instances of the following in the logs…

[06/25/20 00:07:27.380][DEBUG][PHD2 Listener Thread][SQ;] Unknown object from PHD2: {“Event”:“ConfigurationChange”,“Timestamp”:1593040047.362,“Host”:“SCOPE-CONTROL”,“Inst”:1}
[06/25/20 00:07:27.685][DEBUG][PHD2 Listener Thread][SQ;] Unknown object from PHD2: {“Event”:“ConfigurationChange”,“Timestamp”:1593040047.681,“Host”:“SCOPE-CONTROL”,“Inst”:1}

In the end, it turned out that the polar alignment was out, which was luckily quickly fixed.

Useful Info

OS: Win 10
Ver: PHD2 - 2.6.8

yes, it’s basically something that SGP doesn’t support/need that PHD2 outputs. It’s beguine and more just debugging code for our needs should PHD2 add something that we need to handle.

Thanks Jared,

I guessed as much, it’s just that there were so many of them while the system was trying to settle, masking the info I was actually after.