Plate Solve 2 and non Fits Files

I’ve been playing with Plate Solve 2 and it looks very good. Unlike Astrometry a RAW file (NEF Nikon) isn’t converted to Fits so it can plate solve. So, I assume it just solves Fits files. This is ok as long as I can still use NEF and Fits for my file format selection in SGP. I assume Plate Solve 2 will solve against the Fits file?

There is a converter that sits in front of all plate solvers that should allow this to work. Are you attempting to solve an image by right clicking or by specifying reference data in target settings? Can you post the NEF file on dropbox?

I’m going to target settings and browsing to a sub that I took with SGP. I have a FITS and a NEF copy. Astromertry blind solves the FITS file and converts the NEF file to FITS and then solves it. Plate Solve 2 solves the FITS file very quickly but when I browse to the NEF file it puts up an immediate error that it can’t solve the current frame because the image scale is not valid. I’ve put both the files in dropbox

Solving your NEF file works just fine for me. Just used scale 0.616. Are you trying to solve with an image scale of 0?

Thanks Ken. i had assumed it worked like astrometry and converted the Raw to Fits and got the required info from the Fits - so I left the image scale at 0.