Plate Solve PinPoint with canon 6d fails

So I’ve got a working setup, FSQ + ATIK 383, PP works (I use v6).
Star 71 + canon 1100D at 3.02 arcsec, PP works …
Star 71 + canon 6d at 3.8 arcsec, PP fails.
In all above cases astrometry.local works. I still did not upgrade the astrometry local install, as it works perfect.

I can of course use astrometry, but then should that one fail, there is no safety net + astrometry is slower as PP takes coordinates (I thought newer install’s of the local astrometry will take ra + dec hints as well, but really would like to figure out why PP works except with 6D)

I also save the camera files as raw, so when I manually try to solve SGP will convert them to fit, even if I do the conversion myself and debayer those files in PI and use them in SGP, no go …

So if a user with canon 6D has PP going, please chime in …



I used my 60Da with PP and SGP.
I had no luck until I lowered my exposure time from 10 seconds to 5 seconds. Then had zero failures.
I was using the GSC cat and astrometry blind solving.
I have the USNO and UCAC cats but was not using them at that time.

All I can offer


If you can post an image that is failing to solve with the sgp log I can take a look.


Sure, on dropbox a file that doesn’t solve …

In the mean time I looked at my other files of the 6D, so it seems a 4 panel mosaic around M42 does solve, all 4 panels.
But the 2 pannel around rosette and cone do not, so I guess, or to many stars or nebulosity, though a 4 second sub should show not that much (the file in dropbox has some nebulosity as that a real light)


So in the mean time it’s clear what makes PP fail, whenever I’m in a Ha rich region, it fails, though I’m not using an Ha filter and Ha is barely visible in the 5 second subs … local does not fail en solves successfully …
Any hints on how I can configure PP to reject better between stars and background.