Plate solve problem

Win 7, SGP Using locally I just can’t seem to get consistent results. When I download an image to a folder from Astrobin with RA dec and image scale, it won’t solve it. If I enter the Astrobin url, it will solve. But I want to store target images for later use when I may not have an internet connection. So I enter the link of an Astrobin image and after it solves it, I export it to a folder where it appears as an SGR file (blank white icon). When I try to open it and solve it, as if I had no internet connection, SGP locks up and I have to restart it Here is the log file.


HI Dean

The clue is the very last [DEBUG] line in the log files - 'Not a FITS format’
Not sure what the SGR file or where it is coming from, but the Astronmetry engine can’t read it…

SGR is Sequence Generator Reference. These are transportable data files that you can use to hand off to friends or move between machines. They contain the reference data that is used to populate the target data.

What I would recommend is that you just create a sequence and save the reference info with the sequence. Then when you head out to a dark site without internet connection you don’t need to resolve the image, you already have the data saved.


Thanks Jared,

Making a sequence in advance sounds like a good plan. But I am still wrestling with the local tonight, The online version blind solves fine, the local version tells me within 3 seconds that it can’t do the blind solve. It was working fine before, and has done this a few times where it just stops working for no apparent reason. Any suggestions appreciated. Win 7, newest SGP. Here are the logs.

Edit: Figured it out. Somehow ansvr stopped. I don’t know how or why, but once I restarted it, it is at least attempting to solve using the local