Plate solve time

Regarding the plate solve limits…I don’t normally have any issue with plate solving but last night out of curiosity, I decided to try and lower the default from 50 pixels to 20, mainly because when I carry out an automated slew, the plate solve dialogue does not show me how close I am in terms of pixels…I.e…because it’s within the 50 pixel limit…plate solve just works.

However, because… (I assume) …I lowered the default 50 pixels to 20 pixels…plate solving time soared…on returning back to the default 50 pixels it resumed its normal behaviour?

Is it reasonable to conclude that this change could have had the observed impact on plate solve time?


Sure !! It takes many more tries to get it within your limit of 20 pixels. Mine is set to 50 , with 20 tries maximum. I think there was a request to show the final number of pixels longer when it solves from an automated slew, it does show it BUT if you ain’t sitting there watching it just flashes so quick you can easily miss the final number.


The logs can tell you what your typical error (in pixels and arcsec) is after a few iterations. Those entries look like this:

[11/30/2016 12:49:39 AM] [DEBUG] [Center Scope Thread] Retrying auto center. Total Error > Allowable error: 79.7 > 50.0
[11/30/2016 12:49:39 AM] [DEBUG] [Center Scope Thread] RA Error: 39.8
[11/30/2016 12:49:39 AM] [DEBUG] [Center Scope Thread] DEC Error: 69.1

A slight misunderstanding Dennis, It’s not that it took more attempts, it simply failed to plate solve within a reasonable time! Such was the length of time that I eventually aborted!
But I do take on board your point that the result when it is successful flashes so quickly that you don’t see what it has solved too…
I guess I’ll have to look at the logs as Ken suggests.


I believe that you can also adjust how long the centering display remains visible, if you happen to be at the screen while centering is going on.

I don’t think it should take any longer to solve as a result of you changing the tolerance.

Also, @dennis, as an aside… 20x? Wow! I feel very fortunate with my setup… I don’t recall ever taking more than one correction to get within 50 pixels

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This is not available right now. We might add it, but honestly this is stuff that is designed to be automated, not watched. If you need to view results from the centering routine, running it manually will not close the dialog.

My mistake… sorry for inaccurate information. I
Must be thinking of doing it manually, then, when setting up a new target.