Plate Solving near RA 23:59:24

Plate solving using PinPoint on all other parts of the sky has been working great. I am now imaging Abell 85, it has a nominal RA of 23:59:24, however, when I slew to it, it might be off by a few minutes, which can put the RA at 00:00:05 or something. When I do a Center Now, the plate solve give an error, indicating the RA is incorrect. If I take an image, right click and tell it to plate solve, it shows the RA to be -00:00:36 or something similar. At this point, PinPoint will never plate solve. Sometimes Astrometry.Net works, sometimes is fails (that might be because the rest of the information is no longer correct).
Has anyone else seen this issue?

I had a problem with this one when imaging last year. My mount (Gemini 1) returns an RA around 13h 25m even though I was right on the target. You could see the scope slowing to it on the map of The Sky 6, then the position jumps to the 13 hour point even though I was near the target. Fortunately, the fallback had no problems with the solve and I was able to image it unattended. Of course Pinpoint could not solve it with such a poor hint.

I played around with some of my subs and changed the RAs to above 0 hours for the hint and Platesolve 2 was able to solve each one. As long as your mount is returning something close, then it looks like Platesolve 2 should work. In my case was my only choice.

Frank Z…