Platesolve2 experience is very positive

Just to say I have just started using platesolve 2 after having used a number of other platesolvers. I still use ansvr as the blind solver. My experience of platesolve2 is good so far (based on N=4 imaging sessions), but although n=4 sounds poor evidence, platesolve2 has removed a lot of the variability i was seeing previously. It integrates well with SGP and its software interface is helpful. If you can give it a reasonable guess it solves reliably for me, which isn’t an experience I’ve had before.

So just wanted to share this if anyone is struggling with plate solving. Installation is very easy too.

Thanks to providers for great software!

The kit I use is Celestron C11 and SBIG STT8300


I had a painful road to successful plate solving. Going back to Maxim and elbrus.

But, eventually, it all “clicked” and I can’t quite emphasize enough just how “helpless” I feel when it fails now, which is VERY rarely! The question I can not answer is “How did I ever get along without it??”

I have been successfully solving with, both over the 'net and locally for the past year or so.

But PS2? It “just blows the doors off” as far as speed is concerned! Like MORE than ten times as fast??

Still need for blind solves though.

So, PS2 as primary and for blind solves is the way to plate solving nirvana!

Same here. PlateSolve2 is super fast and accurate. I also use for blind solves.

Kudos to SGPro for including PS2!!!


+1 for PlateSolve2

With the integration of PlateSolve2 it was the final push for me to go ahead and purchase SGP. It’s insanely fast and very accurate so far. Very pleased.


We need to all shut up!!!
Planewave will be looking for $$$ if we keep this up! :smile: