Positive reviews

As a newbie to SGP I’ve yet to use it in anger but very much looking forward to doing so. However if I was considering this software and looked at the forum I might get the impression it was more trouble than it was worth.
May I suggest a heading where people can post their positive experiences of SGP and what they were using before and why they changed to SGP as I’m sure there are far more users enjoying using it than those having problems (many of which may not be the programs fault) and this would give the forum a bit of balance…just a thought. :smile:


I suspect all software looks bad on the forum for that software since that is where problems get posted. Try the MaxIm forums if you want to see real problems! :grin: I have not been there since I started to use SGP, but it sure was the case…

I guess it could not hurt to have an “SGP is Great” area (it is, BTW)


You guys are free to post whatever you’d like here. In general, we don’t solicit that type of feedback. If we need to, it seems disingenuous… like when your parents told you to say thank you in front of the person you were supposed to thank.

That’s the thing about forums, they are usually places where people go to find answers to their problems, not to say everything is going great. Although if you look around, there are no posts which bash SGP or call it a bad product. Ken and Jared are always around to give help which is a great thing about it. They even try to help when there are issues with other software or equipment (believe me, I know :slight_smile: )

So I’ll give my plug - It’s a great product with great support!


Yeah I understand that forums is where we come to find answers (in fact it was the quality and speed of replies that tempted me down the SGP route in the 1st place)
Just thought it would be nice for anyone considering SGP to see the positives but appreciate that the forum probably isn’t the best place for it.
Appreciate what you say Ken but I think the SGP crew should be shouting from the rooftops :smiley:

If anyone is interested in reviews from current users all they have to do is type “Sequence Generator Pro Reviews” into google and one of the first sites is Astrobin where there are 9 reviews - some very comprehensive. All rate it 5/5.