Possible centering issue

I am using V There had been a thread on a similar issue in the past with Atik cameras but not sure it was resolved. I use Maestro by Astrometric for ‘telescope’ and an SBIG camera with filter wheel. If I continually run frame and focus, request a ‘center here’, and attempt to abort the centering by hitting the ‘done’ button, I get a message warning me that centering has not completed and the filter wheel starts to randomly spin in the camera. This is repeatable.The spinning and random halting is audible. The fix is to shut down SGP, and power down camera and filter wheel. If I shut off frame and focus prior to running centering, the problem does not occur. I can post a log file it if you can tell me how to do that. It’s only a 500K file.

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Thanks Jared…The issue happened several times during the generation of this file: