Pre-Events / Post-Events not working?


I played around with the trial version using the simulators for camera, filter wheel, and focuser and noticed, if I edit the Events (Event settings) within a sequence lets say to activate “Run Auto Focus on resume” , the “Auto Focus” does never start while the sequence is running. (Doesn’t matter if I set it as Pre- or Post Event)

In Control Panel -> Focus -> Use auto focus (is activated)

Is this a bug or will it just not work because it runs with simulators ? (If I start -> Auto Focus manually , it starts running )

Simulators are good but expecting them to implement focus is a big ask. It would need a camera simulator that was aware of the focus position and could change the image depending on that. I don’t know of a camera simulator that will do that.

There are several different options to enable running the function "Auto Focus " automatically within a sequence [A.e. in Auto Focus Options] , all works well even with simulators if the sequence was started. But if I enable "Auto Focus "in Pre-Event / Post-Event it looks like the function call "Auto Focus " is ignored .

I don’t know if it is also ignored in live run with real gear equipped, or if the description didn’t point out what else have to be set to make things work which are enabled in the Pre-Event / Post-Event settings.

Edit: After several test it looks like the "Auto Focus " function , is just called if “Pause Sequence.” is enabled too.
This doesn’t make that much sense to me but so it is not a bug.