Problem installing new release of SGP (

Running Windows 8.1 with Norton security. When I download the release, as soon as I unzip it Norton deletes it claiming it’s a threat! How do I work around this? Is there actually a problem?

  • Joe

I am not sure. Maybe Norton has some type of exception or white list? Surely you can override this behavior somehow.

I found out how to force Norton to ignore the download. Reason given by Norton: “Too new and very few users. Unable to establish reputation”. Huh. Anyway, can’t wait to try it out. I’m running the latest dev of PHD2.

Ken -

Thanks for the reply. I found out how to override Norton. I posted this
to the forum also. Now for clear skies to try it out. I’ve also got the
dev3 release of PHD2. I’m new to SGP but it is fantastic!

  • Joe

Joe, I am having the same issue with Norton and SGPro. Where can I find your workaround?

Peter -

Sorry. I should have added this info to the post:

To prevent Norton antivirus from blocking an install you trust:

  1. From the main Norton Antivirus window (the one with buttons labelled
    Security Identity Performance and “More Norton”),

click on Settings at the top.

  1. Click on Antivirus.

  2. Click on Scans and Risks.

  3. Scroll down to Exclusions/Low Risks.

  4. Under Exclusions/Low Risks, click on “Configure [+]” next to "Items
    to exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR, and Download


  1. Add folders and/or files you want to prevent Norton from blocking. I
    created a folder under Downloads for SGP

downloads and added this folder to the list.

That’s it. Worked for me.

Wow. THat’s weird. I composed that reply in Notebook and it had 6 nice bullet points properly labelled 1 thru 6. Now look at it! Anyway, You should still just follow the steps. Ignore the srewy numbering!

OR just shut off your antivirus for 10 mins and download the newest version. Worked for me with an earlier version download.

If the .exe was signed by a known certificate provider, this error would not happen. Also, we would all know that the .exe had not be tampered with.

Norton says not enough people download SGP for it to be a good idea! :joy:

You can click ‘ignore’ and it’ll let you download it.