Problem resolved, at least for SGP

Fixed the problem. Reconnected serial cables and resolved the problem.
I can connect to SGP.
Introduced another problem, I cannot run both SGP and SkyX at the same time, says there is a porting sharing problem.
Is this an Ioptron Ascom driver problem, or is not possible.
Ed Stuckey

Continuing the discussion from Cannot connect Ioptron CEM60 to SGPro:

I have successfully connected to both SGP and the SkyX using the iOptron ASCOM 4.0 driver and the latest windows full installer of SkyX Pro (build 8461).

Check your build version of the SkyX to make sure you are at least build 8461 or higher. From the SkyX you have to select ASCOM and iOptron ASCOM driver and not the CEM60.


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Thank you for that information. I will check.

That worked. I would never have figured that out, thanks