Problem with centreing


I was trying to get some images of ngc6946 last night. Here’s what happened.

I used the framing & mosaic wizard to create the sequence a few weeks ago and I just re use it.

Centreing was fine, except that it took me to west side of pier which at best would give me one 5 min sub before the mount contacted the RA microswitches. So I asked the sitech ii controller to do a gem flip which it did successfully. However, when I used centre now in SGP it just GEM flipped again and centred on the W side.

Is there anything I can do?

this is the equipment:
MESU 200 mount with Sitech II controller


Paul - I think if you set degrees past meridian to flip to 0 then it should flip when sitech thinks it should flip - assuming you have set sitech to flip when it hits the meridian

We won’t be of much help without logs… Please see this and will give it a look:

ok sorry about the log omission. here tis

thanks for taking a look.

I had SGP set at 2 degrees past meridian and also the same in SItech controller.


Unfortunately SGP has no control of this. There may be a setting in your controller. Something like “Favor East” or “Favor West”. SGP just tells your mount the RA/Dec to slew to and your mount decides how to get there.


Paulkirk, I wonder if you are having the same issue I was. You seem to be saying you have the mount set to flip at 2 degrees. You can’t have the mount do auto flips if SGP is doing the same because it will cause unpredictable results. On my mount, I have the mount set to stop after 5 degrees past the meridian as a safety measure and have SGP set to flip at zero degrees. You have to let SGP control the flip - not the mount.

ok thanks Ken , I’ll post it in the SITECH group and see if any info
available. Thanks for your help.

Paul - I have mine set like DesertSky - I have the mesu mount set to 10 degrees past and sgpro set to flip at 5 degrees past - it all works perfectly. The only thing I had trouble with was phd after flipping was not guiding properly - I think I has to tick reverse dec or something like that in sitech - I can look next time I start sitech if you want.