Problem with Local Astrometry

This one’s probably for Andy…
Tonight for some reason my local astrometry solves fail immediately. Below is the ansvr log screenshot showing the error. I had just updated SGP to so I reverted back to the version I was using before successfully, Same problem. I changed the endpoint to the online and the solves were successful.

I can’t think of anything that changed between my last successful run last week and tonight. Any thoughts?

Hi Joel,

That appears to be the same problem we saw once before that turned out to be caused by AVG antivirus. You can confirm this by temporarily disabling AVG and/or adding an exception for perl.exe.


I actually thought of that and temporarily disabled AVG, but the problem
persisted. AVG did update today so I’m reasonably certain AVG is the
culprit. However I just went in and added the exception for perl.exe and
that didn’t have any effect. I’m in the middle of an imaging run and I
couldn’t restart my computer before testing it, if that makes any

Good news, after a computer restart (and having added the exception to AVG), the solves are now successful.