Problem with Platesolve2

Hi I am haveing problems with Platesove2 and Astrometry.NET.i can load a image blind solve this works the i try to plate slove but ps2 fails the failover works then i use the solve for my taget, set eveything up but when i start the sequence my plate solve image is just stars no galaxys just a picture of noise,this is using the simulator or with my equipment on site.not sure if this is a wrong setting or a windows 10 camera works as i swapped over to MaxinDL and had no problems imaging.

I have a screenshot but not sure how to upload a jpg.

ps just bought sgpro last week so probably bet a wrong setting somewhere

I don’t understand what’s wrong. Can you write it out a little more succinctly?

Also please post your log files.


  1. start sgpro sequence with profile simulator FMW and fetch m81 frame it and create a sequence auto rotate is unchecked
    4 click on m81 cog wheel and slew to target
    5 click on center now sequence start and i get see the jpg in the dropbox link
    log is also included for the run i just preformed this also happens with my qhyccd 6 camera.
    i can plate solve the fetched image by right clicking the image but only with ANSVR (Local Astrometry.NET) or Astrometry.NET (Remote) ps2 fails.


so I just installed sgpro on my other computer this one is Win 7 64bit and get the same results as my Win 10 laptop
could it be that both the OS are in the Germam language or am i missing a setting somewhere.Logs are on Dropbox with a screenshot of the platesolve window of Noise.Happens with the Camera simulator and outside with my Scope and Camera attatched.


I have never seen this issue before… it’s not very descriptive and it’s not coming from SGPro:

[19.02.2016 08:18:59] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Auto center scope frame failed to solve. Solve failed! Unanticipated problem during plate matching.

What PlateSolve2 catalogs are you using?

I am using UCA3PS and the APM tried both,i thought it might have been my virus scanner but it happens when it is disabled.On the Win 7 machine i did not install the catalogs as i only used the Local Astrometry.NET.I have uninstalled sgpro and the catalogs and reinstalled everything (standard install) still wont solve.when i import a image astrobin or my own and right click to blind solve it works i after the solve i right click again and plate tried to plate solve with ps2 it wont and defaults to Local Astrometry.NET then is only when i start the sequence and try to center then i get the fail.
I dont fancy doing a format C: on my laptop just installing ascom and sgpro,i will try a earlier version of sgpro as it may be the beta that is causing the problem.


Did you set the catalogs through the SGPro “settings” button or did you set the catalog locations external to SGPro (like by opening PS2 yourself and setting it that way)?

Ken i dont think it is a catalog problem as i get the same problem on my win 7 computer where the catalogs are not installed as i was using Astrometry net to platesolve but to answer your question i used the settings button in sgpro.i have uninstalled it 4 times now and reinstalled following the instructions in the help file to the letter still no luck.
The weather looks bad for the next week so i will wipe my laptop reinstall windows and just install ascom and sgpro see if that works.


Hi so i reset my laptop,installed windows 10 then ascom 6,2 and sgpro beta v12 nothing else.The thing that gets me is using the Camera sim V2 and the telescope Simulator for Net (the other simulator crashes sgpro) then following the steps in post 3, when the center on starts i get the plate solve picture of M42 then the center now fails, i assume the coords are out.
This also happens when i start the run sequence i would have thought that the simulator would try to plate solve the image that i chose in the frame and mosaic wizard and not a image of M45 (happens with any Messier Object that i fetch.If i choose M45 as a target then it solves and centers no problem.
I havent tried it outside yet as the weather sucks clouds and rain all week.
Could somebody try this out using Astromerty Net as a solver as i havent yet installed any catalogs see if you get the same results as me.