Problems with local installation & plateSolve 2.29


after the SGP installation, I’ve installed ansvr 0.18 and I’ve problems.
The astrometry says something like “cannot fork, no child”.
So I can’t download the catalogs…

The local PlateSolve2 does not work too, even if i provide RA/DEC hints and scale.
On the same image file, the blind on line service works.

what should I check ?

finally, I was able to reinstall, reboot and so on.
Now it seems the local astrometry works.

I got the solution by local only by providing the scale for the blind solve, after 52 seconds.

I was not able to get the PlateSolve2 solution in any case. Here, I’ve provided the object name and the scale.
PlateSolve2 starts with good ra/dec hints, in 90x120 degrees area (?). No solution found.

any suggestion / tip to get this faster or to make plateSolve2 working ?



Please see this and we’ll see what we can find (we will also need the image that is failing to plate solve)