Problems with the CGE pro mount

Hi guys

I hope all is well and you’re keeping safe.

As of lately , I’ve had problems with the CGE pro mount where when Sequence Generator Pro sends the unpark command during a sequence the mount goes haywire (blank but powered hand controller) and I have to manually re-align the mount.

When I unpark manually, that is through SGP by operating the scope manually from within the program) everything works fine, never a problem.

I’m sure it’s either something I’m doing wrong but just in case and to gather data would you look at the trace log?

Thank you in advance

Pablo Lewin

The Maury lewin Astronomical Observatory

Glendora CA. USA.

What’s interesting is it seems like we’re only enabling tracking on the mount and that the mount doesn’t seem to actually be parked. We’re checking to see if it’s parked but it is returning False so we only set tracking to true. However if you use the “Unpark” button we are calling “Unpark” (no matter what) on the mount and also enabling tracking. So I think in your case only enabling tracking is causing the issue … but I’m not entirely sure why it is saying it is not parked if it actually is.


Hi Jared

Thank you for the response. Oh yes it IS parked and in fact SGP says that it’s parked and the unpark button is displayed and yet…

I added the mount trace log just in case and I emailed Chris Rowland (ASCOM Driver author) with the log to see what the problem is.

As an addendum on the ASCOM driver I set the delay to 3 seconds because when plate solving using SGP apparently the moung kept moving slightly.

In reality I’ve had the mount problem before adding the slew delay on ASCOM.