Production and beta version numbers

@Ken, if I understand correctly the 4.2.* versions are production and the 4.3.* are beta.

When a new production version like is released, does it also have all the features and fixes of the last beta version? If not, that implies the last beta is missing some features and fixes that are in production, correct?


Fixes from 4.2 get merged into 4.3 (though this doesn’t always happen immediately). Features and fixes in 4.3 do NOT get merged into 4.2.

After the beta for 4.3 is complete then the “beta” moniker will be removed and the release version will be 4.3.

Hope that clears it up.


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Thanks Jared.
When the two fixes in are merged into 4.3, will that release notes mention the fixes?

Yes, the release notes from the 4.2 release version are transposed on the beta’s notes.