Profile help

Its been a long long time since I’ve tried to use SGP, we’ll keep the reason’s out of the reason for the post but give you a good guess why (aka weather). Anyways, This is the equipment and wanted just to double check my profile manager setup just to make sure I don’t have any mistakes. This is what I have for equipment C8 w/3.3 reducer = a FL of 660. Then in SGP I have the camera selected (and tested connection works fine). The cool down is set to -10 (I’ve tried it once before and any more than -20 it will start to frost). and the warm up is 20 in 10min(though it might take longer if I remember right). The angle is 270, The scale is 7.10 (1x1) pixel size is 1600x1200. The filter wheel is set, no focuser (for now) Telescope isn’t connected cause I use the HC of my Atlas (I tried eqmod before but found some bug’s I couldn’t work out). The plate solve is Elbrus w/blind solve checked.

Then in the frame/mosaic wizard I selected NGC7000 as my first target for the year (never tried Ha but there’s always a first for everything. Anyways: in the define camera data I have: scale 4.620 and overlap is 10% I’m trying a 2 panel mosaic. The pixels are 1600x1200. Wanted to know what is incorrect if needed before I head out tonight. Thanks -John