Profiles disappear from the list randomly when doing New Profile with Sequence

This issue has been bothering me for quite a while, now that I pay a subscription for the software - I would really like it to be addressed.

Randomly - a profile that I have used or am using will DISAPPEAR from the selection list when I am doing a “New Sequence with Profile” - I have to close SGP and re-open it to get the profile to show up again. This is VERY frustrating. Should be easy to fix I would think.

I’ve seen something similar. When I run into it, it’s usually when I’ve done a “Save sequence as profile” after making a bunch of updates that I want to become a new default for a given profile. I can select the profile to save it to without any problem. However, after saving, any subsequent “Save sequence as profile” or “Create new sequence with profile” typically shows a blank spot in the dropdown list of the available profiles for the one I just saved.

Restarting SGP clears it up just like in your case.


Yea - sounds similar - but we should NOT have to do a re-start of SGP to fix. It has been that way for quite a while.

I have still not been able to reliably reproduce these issues, but I have been able to make some odd stuff happen (sometimes). This points to an issue with timing and is likely related to differences in how UI events are emitted between machines (RDP vs local vs Win11 etc). In any case, I can’t guarantee this will correct all of the observed issues, but I have used a method that should be much more resilient in terms of timing and data sync. Please feel free to try the pre-release if you’d like:


Sample size of one, but the .940 build took care of the problem for me so far.


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