Programming a pause

I confess to not yet owning SGP yet as my new laptop hasn’t arrived so I’ve been reading as much as I can in the meantime.
So my question: is it possible to program a pause at the end of an event?
It looks like I could manually pause but I’m not always at the laptop so may miss the ideal time to do so.
The reason for the question is that I shoot with a DSLR but also use NB filters in a drop in filter box so have to change filters manually.
Id like to be able pause the event to allow the filter change then continue… Is this possible?

The best way to do what you’re attempting to do is to use the manual filter wheel. It will prompt you to change filters. Also it will add the filter prefix to the subs provided you setup the filters.

You can also set a pause on a specific event.

However for what you want to do the manual filter wheel is your best option


Thanks Jared. Perfect solution.
Not having a filter wheel its one of the few bits of the manual I haven’t read Doh!