QHY10 Control TEC - Imagen vertical

Hello, I have been a SGP user for some time, I have acquired a QHY10 camera, I am having problems related to the compatibility of such camera with SGP.

-First problem is the control of the TEC by SGP, can not control the temperature of the camera.
-Second problem is that the images come out vertical put the camera in whatever angle.

I searched for information on the internet, it is a problem of drivers and how to manage the programs. Maxim DL manages the TEC of the qhy10 using Ascom drivers is the exception and it works. Nebulosity and EZcap control with native drivers (not ASCOM) qhy10 successfully, the subject of TEC control as vertical images, make it perfect.

I would be grateful if we could correct this problem that we have qhy10 users with SGP, I think the solution is for SGP to have the native drivers that EZCap uses or refine the use with Ascom.

Thank you!
Juan Agu

SGP Ascom 6.2- Windows 7 64bits

I made a query in QHYCCD, you can follow the thread: http://qhyccd.com/bbs/index.php?PHPSESSID=n6lllshqbnreftn45gbtmhpqb1&topic=5589.0
Let’s see if they solve Ascom’s code problem for qhy10. It is a problem recognized by them and they are working on solving it.

Thank you!
Juan Agu


SGP controls the temp just fine for me with my QHY10. I’ve never had any problems with it.

I agree that the vertical image display is annoying, but it is really no more than an annoyance. You can rotate the displayed image and everything will still work fine. One caution - when using HFR calculation, SGP does not rotate the overlaid HFR data on a rotated image. So, if you have your image rotated to landscape orientation, the HFR data will be overlaid as if the image were still portrait. It took me a bit to figure that one out…


We have never seen any issues controlling the QHY10 TEC. Please make sure your drivers are up to date (both native and ASCOM).

If you are still having issues, please see our help thread here and we’ll see what we can find:

This is something SGPro does not control. We read and display data from the camera exactly as it is delivered to us by the ASCOM driver. Of all the ASCOM camera drivers available (even other QHY ones), the QHY10 is the only one that chose a portrait display. If you want this to use landscape, you should bring this up with QHY.