QSI SGP Connectivity

I have downloaded the latest version of ASCOM and tried both QSI software downloads for my QSI 683 mono camera. I used both QSI and QSI CCD camera options - in the CCD option, I get a bubble suggesting my camera is not registered while accessing the other camera option I get a QSI panel but under options there is no entry in the pulll down menu. I am running windows 10 and even did a system restore to make sure I had not corrupted my system trying to get the machine to recognize the camera. Camera of course is plugged in while doing this entire drill

This is frankp12 - I went into the SGP Help tab and got to my license info and it tells me my software needs repair - I clicked the hotlink but got back to this forum page

I vaguely recall something like this once before but do not remember the details. Did you check the device manager to see if the camera appears/disappears when powered on and off?

For what its worth, a month or so ago I was setting up a new pierside mini computer for my setup. My camera is a QSI 690. I downloaded and installed QSI’s latest drivers and was unable to get them to connect properly (although in my case the camera would connect but not the filter wheel). Eventually, after some internet research, I ended up installing an older driver and it solved my problem. It may not be the ideal solution, but it is what worked for me.

The version that worked for me is 7.4.1824.0.

Good luck in getting it connected!


Craig - thanks - I traveled the same route backing off to the heritage drivers on the QSI (Now ATIK) website via ASCOM page. With trial and error I’ve got the camera running and taking sequences indoors but only after much pain - my workbench table top has teeth marks in it. Is there an authoritative manual or how to for SGP

Frank P

I ultimately got the thing to work using the heritage driver set on the QSI website but I have to load all of the filters/slots each time I try to set up a test sequence indoors. Is there an authoritative blow-by-blow manual for SGP. I’m an engineer by trade and like to follow step-by-step directions. Thanks

Frank P

I’m glad you got it figured out. I’m not so sure of what a “go to” source would be for SGP. I’ve seen a video by one of the guys from the AstroImaging Channel, Alex, which is named something like “your first week with SGP.” That helped me, but some of it was fiddling for me and adding more features over time.

On the filter thing, be sure you are creating an equipment profile and saving your equipment there. In case it isn’t clear, this allows you to bring up all of your equipment at once and associated it with a new sequence. If things are working properly and you do that, it should save everything about your filters. I even have mine set up so it keeps track of how much offset each filter has with respect to each other so I can always do my focus runs with Lum.

Happy to try to answer any other things if I can…


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you hit the nauil on the machine. I cannot get a standard equip profile to access the filter wheel - have to reinvent each time I access the one profile that conects the camera