Question about local

HI there, i’m a bit struggling with the new bate with ansvr.
I did set previously the server at 8090 port and sgp just want to go to 8080.
If i set the adress in the plate solve tab, it works only once.
If i restart sgp, the adresse will be 8080. how to deal with that ?
Secondly , how to change the port adress in ansvr ?
Third, my firewall is blocking the process, what kind of rule should i wrote for the plate solve to occurs ?

Many thanks


You can run the ansvr installer and it will ask you for the port number you want to use.

You can either allow the executable C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\cygwin_ansvr\bin\perl.exe

Or add a specific rule to allow Inbound connections to TCP Port 8080 (or whatever port you choose for ansvr.)


thanks andy,
But when only change the port even if ansvr is allready installed ?
this works also ? i have to stop the installation after port choice ?
by the way i upgraded to 0.8 and things are going wrong now…
i go back later if i do not manage to fix that.
again, many thanks.
Edit : still a firewall mess…digging it…

Nope, do not stop, continue through and complete the installation. No need to download the index files though, they are still present from the earlier installation.


right, that went smooth.
Beside that was the zone alarm free firewall that doesn’t allows port management that was messing
the thing.
thank you again ansvr 0.8 works nicely.