Question for Devs re SGP4

The simple question is “Does SGP 4 generate significantly more USB traffic that SGP3”.
I have from time to time gone over to SGP 4 (latest Beta at the time) - both 64 bit and 32 - bit and I seem to get equipment disconnects much more often than I can handle. For the past week I used SGP3 without any problems whatsoever (and got two very nice images :slight_smile: ). Last night knowing that all equipment was working fine I went back to try SGP4 again and experienced an equipment disconnect problem again - within less than an hour.
During January when using SGP4 I had altered how my gear was connected and replaced a couple USB cables - in an effort to track down the problem. It came down to everything pointing to a StarTech (powered) USB to Cat5 hub or perhaps the Cat5 cable. BUT…like I said, I then changed back to SGP3 when I changed out camera (from 26mpix to 16mpix) and all worked fine. So - I thought - it was the 26mpix camera (which actually has a direct USB connection to the Obs laptop) that may have been the root cause, some way or other. Last night then - with the 16mpix camera connected, I decided to Try SGP4 (773) again and as I said above - experienced equipment disconnects again.
EVERYTHING works fine in SGP3 and having tried changing this and that, I am convinced that it is not cables or hub causing the problem. Perhaps it is my old laptop (which only has USB 2 but powered by i3 chip and running Win 10 (64 Bit))…but I feel now that it is something specific about SGP4 that is causing the disconnects. And that leads to the question as per the 1st line above.

This is not an easy question to answer. Obviously SGPro has a huge influence on USB traffic, but it is actually responsible for almost none of it. Almost all USB communication is deferred to the driver layer so it’s almost always the driver that makes a decision about whether it needs to send or receive device data via USB. If you’re interested, there are quite a few free USB traffic sniffers for Windows that can display USB traffic in real time. The downside to this is that it may not be clear (in English) what device the traffic is associated with and you may need to deal with device addresses to sort it out.

In terms of gear, literally the only difference I can think of is related to support for Switch Devices. Everything else was pre-existing in SGPro 3.

OK Ken – appreciate the reply although it does not shed any light on what I thought might be the root cause of problems I am having with SGP4.

Hopefully tonight I will get going again (for a few hours at least). I will start with SGP3 and if all OK….before the forecasted clouds arrive….I will try again with SGP4. If I continue to see the disconnects only with SGP4 and not SGP3….then I will get back to you and see if there is any testing/logging that might show why there is a difference.

Thanks again,