Question on editing a sequence during pause

I had another successful night imaging with V2.4. The GNS was working (though I still have some things to work out there in the New Year with the AAG unit and its Boltwood file).

I don’t know whether the following is intentional, related to 2.4 or otherwise. To help explain it further, I will do a video clip to show it too in the next few days if the explanation is not clear:

I had completed 4 of 5 events in a sequence and had decided to add further exposures to events 1-3. I paused the sequence and then added further exposures to the counters for events 1-3. I did not know if SGP would cycle back to the top (and complete events 1-3) after event 5 was completed and I assumed it would run down the event list from top to bottom.
I shuffled event 5 up to the top of the list and hit resume.

Whilst the exposure details of event 5 shuffled to the top, the active event stayed at event 5, which was now a different filter and exposure (old completed event 4). The filter duly changed and an exposure time was made. This event was already complete and it did not trigger an autofocus (I have autofocus triggered by a change of filter).
I could not find a way to move the event pointer to the top of the list without a complete abort, save sequence and re-load.

So I guess my question is, is it allowed to update prior events in a sequence and if so, how does one execute them?


Thanks for the bug report. It looks like we failed to move the notion of “active event” when events were swapped like that. The general notion is that you can adjust quantity without pausing the sequence and the target will cycle through the event list until it is complete (then move to the next target).

When you abort or pause the sequence, and then move an event that was previously active, that status will move with the event. In the case you described above, the old event 4 (new event 1) should have started when you resumed the sequence.

This issue has been resolved in 2.4. Since this is a non-crashing issue it will not be included in 2.3.